Welcome to Malta Argentine Tango Association!

The Malta Argentine Tango Association, commonly known as MATA, is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting Argentine Tango in Malta. Our Association consists of registered members who have an interest in or regularly dance Argentine Tango. Leading the way by regularly hosting a variety of Tango events throughout the island, MATA also frequently invites prominent international Tango maestros to lead workshops locally, for the benefit of the large and ever-growing Maltese Tango community.

We organise a weekly Milonga (the social event where Tango is danced) every Sunday from 8pm until 11pm at the luxurious Panorama Lounge Bar within the Hotel British in Valletta. We always welcome a number of dancers on holiday in Malta alongside our regular local Tango community, so whether you want an entertaining evening to complete your weekend, or are just curious about Argentine Tango, then this is a place to be.

Be sure to check out our upcoming Tango Events in Malta and do not hesitate to contact one the MATA team!
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